After installing the dodger you made I found out the previous owner of my boat had tried to find someone to do what you did for over two years.  I called at least 20 canvas shops up and down both coasts.  As you know our boat is on a lake near the Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming border over 800 miles from the ocean and a canvas shop. I finally found a sister ship on a website in San Diego.  Bob contacted the owner through the broker and talked the owner into letting him remove their dodger and take it to his shop back in Dana Point and make an identical one for me.  As it turned out the dodger was perfect and unmatched in quality; the shipping could have been a disaster but again Bob went the extra mile and packed it with much care.  The end to the story was Bob’s excellent step by step install directions including over a dozen photos; so simple I did it single handed.  Bob you are amazing, your picture should be in the business dictionary under “Extra Mile
Frank A.
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